Wednesday, October 4, 2017

10 4 2017

Went to a girl scout event with the granddaughters. We had a good time, riding the train, riding pony's, riding peddle cars and to the surprise of most climbing up the rock wall. I enjoyed the day, the girls were great.

Sitting eating grapes with my grandson.

love grandpa

Saturday, September 30, 2017

How Many??

I remember the day pretty clearly.

We got up early and off to the capital we went to take care of the paperwork. We took our legal documents and some cash and off we went with several other people heading in to shop,

Our first stop was to set up my registry and then off to transfer her to it. Each stop took some money and time, and we knew if we missed our ride back we would be taking the bus, but you can't push city hall, no matter where you are.

We ended up at the embassy where I turned the paper work in and was told they would call me up when it was completed.  We waited nervously at the table, not really talking. A while later I was called up to the counter, expecting to go through a ceremony of some sort. He handed me the paperwork back and said congratulations.  I remember asking him, "What?"  He said your are married. No ceremony, No I Do. I went back to the table and we left to go back home.

We decided to have a ceremony, and did about two weeks later, Most of her family came and she was a beautiful bride.

39 years later I am sitting here with her, drinking coffee and wondering how she put up with me all this time.

There are few things in this world that last and get better with age. It has not been all roses through the years and most of the thorns are my fault, but I can honestly look back and say I got the better deal, I would not skip or change any of it. I found my soul mate in the most unlikely of places, Wonju South Korea.

May you all find yours.

love grandpa

Sunday, September 24, 2017

He's up

 Little bunny froo froo ....picking up the field mice and
 boping them on the head
Good apple

 I can help grandpa

you got big hands grandpa

love grandpa

Monday, September 4, 2017

Number 1

EJ has turned one lately.

He had a very nice birthday planned by his mother and supported by many. His Doljanchi ceremony went well and he choose a brush (Perhaps a scholar or artist).

When it came to the cake, he wanted nothing to do with it, preferred the bright piece it was sitting on. (The cake was good Jenny)

He was surrounded by friends both old and young and while he may not, we will have lots of found memories to share with him as he gets older, plus the loads of pictures that were taken

He was so good, no fussing or other issues, seemed to really enjoy himself.

love grandpa

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Hole

A boy was walking down a lonely road, not watching where he was going and not asking for directions, ignoring the help he was offered.

Along the way he stepped into a hole and sprained his ankle.

He sat down in the hole, his head well above the rim to nurse his ankle and count his woes. He began picking up the pebbles from the bottom of the hole and throwing them out, idling away his time, nursing his sprained ankle and counting his woes.

"Do you need some help?" asked a man who happened by. "No" the boy replied continuing to pick up pebbles.  The man kept on walking.

This hole is getting deeper the boy thought, what will I do?  I hope my ankle gets better soon so I can go on my way.

A doctor happened by and asked, "Are you hurt? Do you need some help?"  The boy replied that he had sprained his ankle and was resting till it got better.  The doctor replied, handing him a cold pack, "Put this on your ankle and move it around, you do not want it to get stiff on you. Come out of that hole also."  The boy thanked the doctor. As the doctor walked away the boy though he knew better and it was hot. He put the cold on his neck to cool down and ignored the rest of his advice, letting his ankle stiffen up.  The hole got deeper and the boy continued to throw pebbles, looking for a large rock to step on to climb out of the hole.

A grandfather came by, offering help out the hole and to a hospital or his home.  The boy refused, saying to himself what does an old man know, I know my own body and situation. I am in control, I can get out anytime I want. Continuing to sit his ankle grew stiff and sore, the walls of the hole now reached his shoulders. The boy began to get worried but continued to assume he was the master of his destiny. Looking for a bigger rock now, more pebbles thrown out of the hole.

Ladders were offered, ropes, helping hands but all were refused. The boy continued to dig himself deeper, all the while looking for a bigger rock to use and wailing at his poor lot in life, hoping for a miracle.

Finally the boy reached his limit of despair, sitting at the bottom of the hole, no longer strong enough to throw pebbles above the rim, "Why me?, how can I get out?"

A voice answered.

You have been offered a helping hand, tools to use, advice and a helping hand. You refused them all thinking you had it covered and could get out, Had you reached for that first hand offered what would it have cost you? Would you have been lessened in anyway? Would you have been placed in any debt?  What would have been hurt?

Will you still truly refuse a helping hand?

"Please get me out of this hole, lift me up" the boy cried.

I already gave you the tools to get out, you gave been throwing them away ever since you sat down. Get yourself out.


The boy was crying in despair, looking around now for the help he was told he had been given.

Finally, just as night started to creep into the hole he noticed the pebbles on the floor. The ones he had tried to throw out had started to pile up agaist the wall of the hole. He started to stack more.

As he built his ramp of pebbles, he thought about what the voice had said. Maybe the help he was offered along the way should have been taken to heart. He thought it was a hand out and refused it, but perhaps he was offered a hand up instead. What would have hurt to accept the help? His pride?Could he have learned a little and accepted the help. Perhaps his pride was a barrier to his abilities.

His ramp continued to grow and he worked hard at the pebbles, building his ramp and finally reaching the top of the hole. For a split second he thought he had done it, he did not need anyone's help. but then he realized his ability to get out was not all of his own accord. He used the pebbles to build his way out, all the small things he had been towing away.  His ramp was built on the advice of others, his ability to learn, grow and accept support and advice from others.  While his pride and stubbornness kept him in the hole, his ability to adapt and take the small steps necessary to improve his lot allowed him out.

The man stepped out.

love grandpa

Deer Camp 2017

Love grandpa