Sunday, March 11, 2018

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Baby Sitting Night

We had our first late night with EJ the other night. We met at the mall after Halmonie got off work to pick him up and had dinner, then back home to play and nap till mom and dad came back later that evening,

All went well.

We watched a couple of shows, Elmo, Thomas, etc....

At bed time we tried to get him to sleep, he wanted to hold Halmonie hand.  Didn't last long though.

We played. He really likes to try and fit the pieces in.

About 0830 he started getting cranky, he had seen his parents picture and wanted them. He would go the front door or the garage door so we could go home. He cried when I picked him up and brought him back to the front room. The crying was the sort of crying that said, " You're ok but I want my parents"  

I tried giving him to Halmonie, but that did not work. He came over to me and wanted to sit with me. He cried off and on as I sang some songs. At times I would pat his back and sign "Calm". I remember his father doing that and it seemed to help some. Finally he snuggled up as you see in the picture and he went to sleep.

Nothing unexpected - kids need to learn its ok to stay with Family, mom and dad will come back. 

Over all a good time and we look forward to the next one.

love grandpa

Our early grand daughters sleep overs were  similar but they were older so a lot less crying and more talking.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Baby Sitting

I went to go sit with Chloe yesterday, she had been feeling ill and her parents had appointments. She was watching a show and I was checking my eyelids for leaks.

It reminded me of a very warm memory. I was visiting, she was small and I would get up early with her. we would watch a show about colors and such, she watching and me trying to stay awake.

love grandpa

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Wheel Turns

Babysitting yesterday.

We had a goodtime, ate lunch and a lot of grapes, then Halmonie left for work. played with the blocks, etc....
Watched Thomas the train. (This lasted long enough to get the picture.)

During his roaming he saw the water bottle Halmonie waters the plant with. He picked it up and proceeded to water all the plants for her, and a few chairs along the way.

He was supposed to stay till five, but he kept going to the door and wanting out, at one point he got his shoes and instructed me to put them on him. I decided it was time to head home early. He was missing his home and mom/dad.

He slept most of the way there and when I took him up the stairs he wanted to go into him moms arms.

I got up to leave and headed down the stairs. I held out my arms to get a goodbye hug, telling him I was going bye-bye.  He started crying, trying to get into his dads pocket. He wanted nothing to do with me, afraid I would take him again.  

Before he cried when I tried to leave - wanting me to stay.

It all evens out.  I look forward to the next time.  Perhaps the weather will cooperate and we can go for a walk or the park.

love grandpa 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Christmas 2017

Our first snowy Christmas in over ten years!

2 and 4 take another Christmas Sweater Picture

Halmonie and her little helper

Helpers arrive

3, 4 and A


Where di all that grey come from???

More helpers arrive

Cong ju nim and family

All of us. I am taking the picture and 4 is beside me in his high chair

3 and 4 in 4's new tunnel. We gave these to the girls when they were small and they loved them. 4 does also.

Open them up ! A little spoiling going on here.....

The scooter is actually hers, but hard to tell 4 that.


old bear, young bear.

Do you think he is spoiled????

love grandpa

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Another year has passed - Most of us are still here and undamaged.

The grandchildren are growing well, getting smarter and more mature, having fun. The girls like all they are doing, girl scouts, dancing, etc... the boy is walking, running, climbing and talking up a storm (wish we could understand him more). He says several words and it wont be long. 

The girls caught their first fishes with us this year, had a good time with Uncle James and myself. They had a couple of dance recitals and the such. Sold cookies, went camping, had a good time. Will take them again up to the snow to play before too long, maybe go see some elk along the way.

My kids are doing ok, one still looking for work and hopefully this year brings some luck. They are bother healthy along with the extended families. Daughter has traveled for work and seems to be doing well, we are real happy she is close to us now rather than an all day plane ride. I need to visit more this year.

Halmonie is doing fine, continues to work full time and although she complains (who doesn't) she enjoys it. Her customers continue to treat her well.

I had a successful hunting trip this year, and it did not end up in the hospital (close call). Looking forward to anther this year.

Beginning to get over my cold that I had since Thanksgiving (missed that), but we had a great Christmas with every one.

All in all a good year. Looking forward to 2018.

love grandpa

Monday, January 1, 2018

Wasn't Me!!

Walking fun, Falling not so much Love grandpa