Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Another year has passed - Most of us are still here and undamaged.

The grandchildren are growing well, getting smarter and more mature, having fun. The girls like all they are doing, girl scouts, dancing, etc... the boy is walking, running, climbing and talking up a storm (wish we could understand him more). He says several words and it wont be long. 

The girls caught their first fishes with us this year, had a good time with Uncle James and myself. They had a couple of dance recitals and the such. Sold cookies, went camping, had a good time. Will take them again up to the snow to play before too long, maybe go see some elk along the way.

My kids are doing ok, one still looking for work and hopefully this year brings some luck. They are bother healthy along with the extended families. Daughter has traveled for work and seems to be doing well, we are real happy she is close to us now rather than an all day plane ride. I need to visit more this year.

Halmonie is doing fine, continues to work full time and although she complains (who doesn't) she enjoys it. Her customers continue to treat her well.

I had a successful hunting trip this year, and it did not end up in the hospital (close call). Looking forward to anther this year.

Beginning to get over my cold that I had since Thanksgiving (missed that), but we had a great Christmas with every one.

All in all a good year. Looking forward to 2018.

love grandpa

Monday, January 1, 2018

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

10 4 2017

Went to a girl scout event with the granddaughters. We had a good time, riding the train, riding pony's, riding peddle cars and to the surprise of most climbing up the rock wall. I enjoyed the day, the girls were great.

Sitting eating grapes with my grandson.

love grandpa

Saturday, September 30, 2017

How Many??

I remember the day pretty clearly.

We got up early and off to the capital we went to take care of the paperwork. We took our legal documents and some cash and off we went with several other people heading in to shop,

Our first stop was to set up my registry and then off to transfer her to it. Each stop took some money and time, and we knew if we missed our ride back we would be taking the bus, but you can't push city hall, no matter where you are.

We ended up at the embassy where I turned the paper work in and was told they would call me up when it was completed.  We waited nervously at the table, not really talking. A while later I was called up to the counter, expecting to go through a ceremony of some sort. He handed me the paperwork back and said congratulations.  I remember asking him, "What?"  He said your are married. No ceremony, No I Do. I went back to the table and we left to go back home.

We decided to have a ceremony, and did about two weeks later, Most of her family came and she was a beautiful bride.

39 years later I am sitting here with her, drinking coffee and wondering how she put up with me all this time.

There are few things in this world that last and get better with age. It has not been all roses through the years and most of the thorns are my fault, but I can honestly look back and say I got the better deal, I would not skip or change any of it. I found my soul mate in the most unlikely of places, Wonju South Korea.

May you all find yours.

love grandpa

Sunday, September 24, 2017

He's up

 Little bunny froo froo ....picking up the field mice and
 boping them on the head
Good apple

 I can help grandpa

you got big hands grandpa

love grandpa


Another year has passed - Most of us are still here and undamaged. The grandchildren are growing well, getting smarter and more mature, ha...