Monday, November 8, 2010

I should have brought a fishing pole

My time in Korea was spent near Wonju at a small Air Force detachment on a Army base. The work we did concerned maintaining a seismic array covering in excess of 20 square miles. This resulted in a lot of travel over the country side and at that time the roads were mainly dirt and often very basic. We had 4 week drive jeeps and trucks to get us back and forth.

A couple of the instrument sites were on the other side of the river and we had to drive across to get our work done. No bridges of course so into the rivers we went.

I logged thousands of miles during the 2 ½ years I spent there and for the first 2 years made it across without difficulty.

It was not uncommon to stall out a jeep or truck when you tried to cross. To avoid this problem you have to do several things:

     You judged the strength of the current and started your trip across at the right point on the bank angling down to the exit on the other side.

     You entered the water slowly allowing the water to flood up in the jeep to ankle level to get some weight in the jeep so it did not lose its footing and float down. We often took off our boots and socks.

     You balanced the speed so you did not throw the water over the jeep and kill the engine, some of the jeeps had snorkels and some did not.

I finally got baptized so to speak into the club. This was a 1968 jeep that I tried to take to a long period array site across a river I had been across countless times. It was just a little high (Monsoon season). I had to crawl out the passenger side door as just below the driver’s door was a nasty drop off and I did not want to go swimming.

We pulled it out and towed it back to base after we walked to the site about 1 mile and completed the work. It never quite ran right after that…..

love grandpa

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Beauty Bark

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