Saturday, November 13, 2010

My experiencies in Korea.

This was taken in Korea near Wonju in 76, I was working there in the Air Force and saw this lady. She was probably in her mid 40's and lived in the local area.

She is carrying 2 loads, one on her head and one on her hip. Younger ladies would be carrying a baby on their back also.

I saw Korean men load a pack and carry more than you would imagine.

It was their life, they had to accomplish their tasks or perish.  

It opened my eyes.

Sure you can see this type of activity everyday on the television or computer but that is no alternative for personal observation. We had guys who never left the base and did not get out to see the locals and experience life in the country they were visiting. They knew nothing of the real Korea or it's people.

Do not feel sad for this lady, she was happy!

I once took a Korean bus by myself into Seoul, 90 km away,  for the day. Looking back it was a risky thing to do. At a rest stop along the way a young girl got on the buss carrying a cooler of ice cream bars, I called her over and paid her, taking one of f the top of the cooler. She grabbed it back from me.

I did not know what to think, what had I done wrong?

She dug down in her cooler and got me off the bottom where they were really cold and solid. I thanked her and felt foolish for jumping to a conclusion I had no basis in fact.

If you get the chance to travel - experience it, safely, but experience it to its fullest.

Love grandpa.

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Beauty Bark

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