Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We are getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. We are going to Aunt Karolyn's house for dinner, she and Uncle Mike having been putting this on for several years now. She is anticipating 20+ people coming including most of the Shafers, Gilberts, Stewarts, Christensons, and close friends. Could be as much as 30.

We eat in the garage on tables they set up, a little cool but by the time all are there it warms up fast. After dinner the men do the dishes and clean up; then play some games or just visit. There will be a chance to hold the new baby (Aubrey).

Missing will include both of you.

Is it no wonder why I feel a little sad?

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Beauty Bark

All showed up and helped us spread beauty bark and spruce up the yard. Thank you, great to have family. love grandpa