Friday, December 3, 2010


Grandma is not a native born American as you can probably guess.

After she had been in America for awhile, she decided she wanted to become an American citizen and she started studying for it. I helped her as I could, but honestly was not that helpful most likely.

She went for her first test at the federal building in Seattle. We were told it could take awhile so I was not surprised when it did. In a nutshell she was told to study some more. I think she froze up a little because she certainly had mastered her subject, but may have had some difficulty getting it across to the tester.

She was pretty upset over it and it took me a little while to convince her not to be so upset. We studied some more and made the next appointment.

This time we went back I had the kids with me and since it was early in the morning, I took some cereal for breakfast and when Grandma went in to take the test we stayed I the car and prepared to eat. It seemed like about 15 minutes and out she came with someone in tow.

I was convinced she had been told to study some more and I was preparing for it.

It was not to be though – She had passed and the tester wanted to come out and tell me how well she had done! I was very proud of her!!!

She was part of the 200 year ceremony in 1986 with many other people at the space needle getting their citizenship papers.

Afterwards Aunt Karolyn and Mom gave her some presents and congratulated her for her significant accomplishment!

I had decided to take her to the space needle for dinner but kept it as a surprised. We got there and rode the elevator to the top. If you have not been there, it is a glass elevator so you can see the Seattle landscape as you go up. I was impressed and turned around to tell grandma about it. She was white as a ghost. This was when I discovered she was not comfortable with heights! The dinner turned out ok though, we had a good dinner, the four of us, and a great view.

Love grandpa

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Beauty Bark

All showed up and helped us spread beauty bark and spruce up the yard. Thank you, great to have family. love grandpa