Monday, December 6, 2010

There he goes again

I came home one from school a long time ago and since I was the first one home I remember going in the front room, taking off my coat, etc… and turning on the kitchen wall heater to warm my back. Our house was 2 stories and door to the stairs was right next to the wall heater where I was sitting.

The next thing I know was hearing someone creeping down the stairs in our house and the door creaking – needless to say I ran out the door to the end of the driveway. My father found me there some short time later. He asked what I was doing and I told him there was someone in the house and telling him the story. Up to the house he went and soon enough came out laughing telling me I must have turned on the television and heard that. (At that time there was no instant on television - you had to wait for the tubes to warm up.)
I sleep walk at times and during my youth when the kids were small I was pretty busy and stressed at work which made the sleep walking worse. James would often crawl into bed with us at night. One night I woke up convinced someone was out to get me and out the bedroom I tore - taking blankets, etc… with me. Smiley, used to my “after sleep” escapades met me and asked what was going on. I told her. She told me James was in the bedroom so I went back in to “rescue” him. Of course by the time I got back in I woke up enough to realize what I had done and went back to sleep. James never did wake up.

I did not fully appreciate what my father had done for me. I do now.

love grandpa

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Beauty Bark

All showed up and helped us spread beauty bark and spruce up the yard. Thank you, great to have family. love grandpa