Friday, August 5, 2011

An Ordinary Spy

Once in awhile we find that one person who seems to be performing security right. Computer access is controlled and well protected, passwords are only memorized, and they don’t talk about work. Specialists are then called in to work those particular assignments once all other avenues have been tried. I have worked a couple of these assignments during my career.

No, it is not what you think. There is no torture and while blackmail is a tool to use - it only works once per individual.

I like to go with the threat, personnel or professional injury, or other forms of coercion. Rarely have I had to take the threat to conclusion. Most of the time people relent - the items they are protecting are rarely seen as worth their lives or lively hood. I always make it clear it is a onetime deal and that person will never see me again. Not that they get to see much of me anyway. Remember - melding in is the game.

One trip found me overseas for a couple of weeks, another business trip as far as my family were concerned. Phone calls back and lots of pictures and gifts help to complete the fake picture for them.

An individual working overseas was suspected of some wrong doing. His bank accounts were normal and the email and social networks appeared normal, however they were just too normal. Most people whom use social networks get excited about something once I awhile, they leave the sidewalk so to speak and this person did not. I suspected this social network was a well developed ruse to throw people off the track.

My investigation started to reveal some inconsistencies in his schedule, he would take longer lunches on some days and while he took a few sick days he rarely filed insurance claims for sickness or doctor visits. He had good security around his house - but I have better tools. I had to plan it properly to miss people in the house, but I also wanted a few pictures of his loved ones in case I had to use them. His daughter actually came home from school sick while I was in the house. She was not focused on her surroundings, settling in for some TV and rest so she did not notice the cool breeze caused by the open window nor did she feel the camera taking pictures from the hallway where I was. I left shortly after that. Timing is everything.

Some more investigating using ground radar at the house revealed some underground space, most likely to hide something. It looked like cash and books but I would have to dig it up first. The neighbors thought I was looking for utilities to avoid during digging. It was time to go to work.

A well worded and untraceable letter was the first request for the information – and as I suspected it was refused.

Three days later I removed all of his special assets, there was cash, information, computer storage media and again sent a special request along with several pictures of his loved ones and some of his cash. The letter this time was a little more forceful with a promise that all would be returned and I would disappear if he gave up the information we were seeking. Of course he suspected he would never get his assets back, but the pictures were quite convincing. They usually are.

Two days later he capitulated, resigned from his post and gave us the information. I returned the assets and pictures as promised, several FedEx boxes to his house marked bribes and kickbacks. I suspect he has some explaining to do with his wife – ah the joys of life.
purley fictional
love grandpa

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