Tuesday, September 27, 2011

General Thoughts

I really enjoyed all the time with my children but there are special memories that come up from time to time.

We would spend lots of regular time together, rolling balls, watching the flight of dragons, or playing in the back yard, but there were special times also.

One of my favorite past times is fishing. I have done that since I can remember, some with my father and family and a lot on my own and with grandma. While Jenny took more interest in it than James (He liked to sleep in the boat) I have many good memories.

Jenny came with me one early morning to the pot holes in eastern Washington to go fishing. We arrive amid the crowds, it being opening day, and I unloaded the boat and got all ready. We launched the boat and decided to still fish for a little while. No bites and a lost anchor later (it got stuck on the bottom of the lake and I had to cut the rope), we headed off to troll. At one point I emptied my cup of cold coffee in the lake and Jenny started crying, telling me not to do that as it would hurt the fish. She had caught fish before and knew they died but no more cold coffee in the lake for me….

I love my children but they were children. I put the cheap, light weight lures on her fishing pole and the heavier gear on mine because I knew I had a better chance of not losing it. We started trolling on the lake and sure enough she started catching fish. Not me – just her. After a couple I started to give her a hard time when she had a bite on her line, threating to throw her in the lake. She would giggle and reel the fish in. Then she got to the point of not telling me she had a fish on, just reeling it in. After a while there was a guy on the bank who started to complain good naturedly also. By the time she had caught more it finally sunk in that her light cheap gear was riding near the top of the water and mine was deep. I changed mine and was finally able to catch a couple before we caught our limit and had to go home. She slept most of the way back, it had been a full day - but I’ll remember that day till I die.

James and I would take a father son weekend and go off to Baker Lake. While he enjoyed playing with the camp neighbor kids he also went fishing with me. We came back in during some very windy weather once - lots of big wind waves and we were in a small boat - while I was sure we were going to swamp the boat – we arrived without incident - he enjoying it and me worrying. Later we would go salmon fishing and yes he slept at times again. The difference was as soon as a fish was on the line he woke up to catch it. He must have a fish alarm!!  (To be fair, I have been known to take a nap in the boat also. Once I had to remove the bait from the hook as the fish kept waking me up)

More later,

Love grandpa

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Beauty Bark

All showed up and helped us spread beauty bark and spruce up the yard. Thank you, great to have family. love grandpa