Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Ordinary Spy

I always set my intrusion system upon leaving a public place like the hotel and this time was no different. When I returned to the hotel I cruised by my room and interrogated the system and received a green status report back, no entrances or exits recorded.

This system is home grown; it uses motion detection to cover the whole room. Each time something moves the size of a nickel or larger it is recorded. It is interrogate through a Bluetooth device I carry with me; it reporting size, time of event and wether it was an incoming or outgoing event. It also records changes in temperature and humidity also but that is not the issue this time. I set it and leave the room checking on the way out to make sure it is working properly.

I entered my room, worked some on reports and such and prepared for bed. I know you are probably already caught up but I swear it didn’t occur to me until about 1 am when I woke up in a cold sweat. Why didn’t it record me leaving the room? I could have sworn it was recorded when I checked it upon leaving. I grabbed my Bluetooth, not turning the lights on, and checked the second to last log. Sure enough I had remembered correctly. I sat there in the dark, not moving and waiting for my eyes to adjust properly, thinking about my next move. Obviously I had to depart and find another bed for the night but how much had I been compromised already? Could I leave without being detected? Was I bugged? You could tell my cold sweat, now dripping down my back and legs, was not without reason.

I decided the best route would be to fake a call from home for an emergency and prepare to leave not making it apparent I knew of my situation. I could then leave the hotel quickly and hopefully shake off any tails on the way.

I picked up my phone and rattled it on the bedside table, similar to a vibrating phone, starting my deception. The conversation was one sided, pretending my son had called with an emergency (hopefully they would believe that)and needed my help. I told him I would be right home and quickly got up, turned on the lights and left. I always kept my suitcase packed just for this type of event. I left my room within 2 minutes of the “phone call”. I was positive I did not give them time to tail me as I checked out of the hotel but enough of a story to make them believe my deception. I checked the car for something bad and having found it clean left the hotel. I did not keep the car long – rather I borrowed another one on the way out of town, dumping it along the way a short time later. Several cars, miles around in circles, and hours later found me just outside of town again at a rest stop, sitting in the car, fuming and thinking.

How could I have missed that? What was my next step? Was I being watched? Could I continue my mission without serious consequences?

I was not a happy camper and the gas station coffee was not making my evening any better.
love grandpa

btw. still purely fictional

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Beauty Bark

All showed up and helped us spread beauty bark and spruce up the yard. Thank you, great to have family. love grandpa