Friday, January 6, 2012


Othello Washington was my first home. I was born at the hospital in Moses Lake some time ago. I am told I was a blue baby. Othello is what is commonly called a one horse town, a small rural town in the southeastern part of Washington, just off Hwy 26.

It has not changed all that much in the last fifty years, a few more stores and homes; it is still a farming area. I do not remember much of the time spent there, we moved prior to Kindergarten over to Puyallup, Washington.

My Grandmother Brown lived about a mile away in Othello. I can remember walking down to her house barefoot. It was so hot we had to walk on the white lines to keep from burning our feet. We had an Uncle near a park, the only park in Othello, and he lived in the area also. My father worked on the Milwaukee railroad there until we moved to Puyallup in 1961.

I remember Mincer’s hardware store, my father worked there part time. I am told there was a mentally disturbed boy who came over to our house at night and stared in our windows – scared me I am told - that is what is most likely what has given me nightmares for most of my life.

I can remember thunder and lightning storms in the house, being scared as most kids were and counting between the thunder and the flash to see how far away it was. One time we went out into the desert to get some sand and a scorpion was in the sand next to me and dad killed it with the shovel. Of course then I did not know what it could have meant.

I can remember looking at the back of the house and the steps into the house. I remember a little about the layout of the inside of the house and going into the bedroom. All in all I do not remember much about that first part of my life.

This picture was taken after Othell. More on it later.....

love grandpa

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Beauty Bark

All showed up and helped us spread beauty bark and spruce up the yard. Thank you, great to have family. love grandpa