Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I spent a lot of time the next several weeks monitoring the net and news in the local area and the Botnet. I did not notice any disturbances other than the normal coming and going that happens all the time. It appeared my test was all for naught.

Perhaps I was just getting old and seeing ghosts at every corner. The trouble was those ghosts had saved me more than once and I was not willing to give up so easily. I tried varying my habits a little, repeating a few items and so forth but to no avail. Nothing was showing a cause for concern. I went back over my original data that caused my uneasiness the first time and could not discount it. There was an indication of something amiss although very small. Were they now aware of my fishing and settled in to wait? Were they so good they could trace me without my knowledge? (Believe me, I do not overrate myself. That is the surest way to destruction. I was just very sure of my capabilities.) Perhaps it was time for a frontal approach.

Everyone leaves a track when you use the internet and millions of people do at any one time. Even the newer “leave no track” software leaves a track or better perhaps the absence of one. (If you cannot track the rock thrown in the pond - track the hole when it forms) It is just harder to tie it back to a person. You can certainly confuse the system with multiple ISP’s, routing through numerous countries, servers and so forth. In the end you can be traced back to a location - not necessarily a person.

I decided to set up a well on the net. A well is an electronic hole in traffic that people can use to collect data and draw on it as needed. Business uses this to even the flow and not overload their systems. e.g. If a business has lots of normal email traffic, some may end up in the well during busy times and retrieved later when the system has more computing capacity. My well was going after all low level net requests and traps, not to store them, but to route them through the well, suck off the routing and send the data back to me. I would end up with millions of entries, but I should be able to select the duplicates, sifting out the routine business activity and finding those uncommon, non-routine items. This will work also with absence of data since all I would get was a message without routing data. This is still a lot but it should give me a start.

love grandpa

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