Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The trap had been set, the bait fresh and I was ready.

Knowing they were tracing my support activity I set up an event through a little luck and timing. I have a brother in law that had a rather large project in front of him and he had refused my help so far. This time I insisted and worked my way into helping him. I sent several emails describing the situation and help required, some planning, some suggestions, etc… all designed to be visible and insistent. I made sure the date was used a few times and spent some time searching through the internet looking for supplies and the such – all designed to increase my exposure on the internet (to be tracked) for a couple of days while seemingly an innocent endeavor (the bait).

What was not known was my trip down to the local base. I used my ID again to obtain some drone coverage and a special team for the extraction once my quarry was spotted in the area. I knew they/he/she would not pass up an opportunity to observe me during this time in an attempt to discover if I was really a spy on just an innocent pawn - They most likely expected the event to be a false trail laid to cover my tracks for some other event. Why did I know  they were still in the dark? If they knew who I was I suspected they would have neutralized me.

The planning was time consuming. We had to protect civilians since this was being done in a populated area. During the briefing with the special team we discussed houses to be used for storage and interrogations; who to extract and what to do in the immediate time after the extraction such as searches of the person and their office, house, electronic search (Trace phones, etc…) and all the other items to isolate the person(s) extracted and keep them isolated until we had time to validate who they were. Needless to say I did not want a bunch of innocent persons caught in my trap and have to deal with them afterwards. All the plans were discussed and practiced. The special team, while few, were highly skilled and quite understanding of the need for secrecy. They did not get my name and while they saw me I am a nondescript individual and they knew not to look to close. My hat, some fake scars, contacts, etc… also help.

The day of the event brought perfect weather, a little overcast and lots of local traffic. It was near a local Air Force base, again luck was on my side, so the drone if noticed, would be attributed to the base and not me. I spent the day working hard to help my brother in law, not looking up or leaving the area, being a good target. My instructions to the extraction team were clear and I knew I could trust them.

Several hours after the event started I was notified of a successful extraction. We finished our work for the day. Thankfully everyone was tired from the work so it was easy to call an early afternoon and leave for what I suspected was going to be a longer night.

love grandpa
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Beauty Bark

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