Thursday, May 24, 2012

What would you think?

Halmonie and I have been watching a Korean drama called “Summer Scent”. It is part of a series of 4 (Winter, Spring, Autumn, Summer).

This show has an interesting line to it. Spoiler Alert……..

The main players: Primary female “Haewon” (heart transplant recipient); her current fiancé; sister of the fiancé who is trying to marry the boyfriend of the donor; and the boyfriend of the donor.

The primary female has a heart transplant, receiving the heart from a female donor. She is engaged to a family friend.

She meets by accident and starts to fall in love with the boyfriend of the deceased donor without knowing who he is.

The boyfriend does not know who she is or that his girlfriend was a donor.

Her hearts beats loudly when she meets him; areas become special and she experiences deja vu at times.

The boyfriend has a girl trying marrying him and although he treats her like a sister this go on too long, she is also the sister of the fiancé.

She breaks up with her old finance. The boyfriend and she decide to get engaged after some secrete dates and minor interactions as the story progresses.

The finance and boyfriend find out who the donor was and are trying to protect her from finding out about the heart inside her. The sister finds out and is threatening to break the story, saying they are in love because of the heart.

It is becoming quite a quandary.

The players feel the two are in love because of the donated heart and the girl (Haewon) will suffer a great shock and perhaps die when she finds out. The boyfriend is now struggling with the concept: Does he love Haewon because of the heart and strange similarities with his old girlfriend or does he really love Haewon?

It makes a good story, it is full of holes of course but it is a good story.

This is the kind of story that Jenny and James would have been questioned about. We would have gone down the rabbit holes testing the facts and logic behind the story and expanding critical thinking. I would have asked such questions as, “Do you believe transplanting a heart transplants familiarity or love? What about a blood transfusion? What would have happened had it been a male heart? Do you think Haewon will go back to the fiancé if she finds out? Will the boyfriend give up Haewon? How would you feel? Cold you get past the doubt?”

We did this not to discredit the story but to expand horizons and critical thinking.  I think it helped.

Both of them are quite capable of seeing through a brick wall given time. Watch the story sometime and let’s talk.

Love grandpa

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