Sunday, July 29, 2012

One afternoon

During my trip one afternoon, when the girls nap time came about we all took a nap. Me downstairs on the couch. I slept about 30 minutes an woke up. Deciding I had enough I got up and did a few chores then heard noise from upstairs. It sounded like Maia was awake so up I went to check it out.

She was awake, sitting up in her crib. I went in her room, softly talking to her all the time until she lifted her arms for me to get her our of there. A diaper change and milk later we found our selves on the couch, her on my lap talking and playing. It lasted about 3 minutes until she figured out that I was not the Mama or Dada and she promptly moved to the other end of the couch, sat and looked at me as if to say

"Wait a minute. What is going on here?  I'm not to sure about this."

She warmed back up though and we read books until Chloe and Eric woke up to continue our day.

love grandpa

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Beauty Bark

All showed up and helped us spread beauty bark and spruce up the yard. Thank you, great to have family. love grandpa