Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tales of Ghosts Past

I was raised with camping being our family vacations, hunting and fishing with my dad and mom. Naturally I tried to keep that up with my family as they grew up. I had a disadvantage my father never had; I had to compete with electronics and theme parks that were not around during my youth. I was less than fully successful, but I managed to bring my family around to several campgrounds.

One of these was an overnight trip which ended at Mineral Lake in Washington. We took off in the truck with the 14 foot flat bottom boat called the Bob-Ern or Ern-Bob depending on the side you were looking at; a tent, and associated camping gear. We arrived at Alder lake but the camping was full and it was very windy. The kids played in the water but we decided to move on to Mineral Lake for the evening. We set up the tent and near lost it because of the wind taking it away, but managed to sleep the night. The next morning we awoke and went off to fish. The nice thing about the boat was its size. It had three bench seats and was wide. It allowed the kids to be in the middle, with enough room not to touch each other with myself driving and Halmonie in the front. We caught several good size fish, broke a fishing pole, Halmonie stepped on it but we still managed to bring the fish in, and later broke camp and went back home. Like many, the trip was great with little to remember going bad. Several trips to Kachess Lake, 29 pines in Teanaway, Kaposwin Lake, Walupt Lake, Cabin Creek, and other campsites were just as “uneventful” but very rewarding for me.

One item I really enjoyed was telling stories around the campfire, often about the local area and all in to be scary campfires. I did not get to tell the story about Walupt Lake, perhaps, someday, my grandchildren will hear that one.

More later.

love grandpa

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Beauty Bark

All showed up and helped us spread beauty bark and spruce up the yard. Thank you, great to have family. love grandpa