Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Camp Fire Story

Within minutes the fog was so think I could not see my hand if I held my arm out. I continued to get colder and it was hard to stay awake now. My gun barrel was unbearably cold. At first I heard crackles and crunches as the ground started to freeze but not it had become completely quite. I strained to hear anything besides my heartbeat.

I was starting to get worried now but then I remembered the radios we had. I grabbed it off my belt and thumbed it on. “James?” I said. No answer, no Static, no nothing. I checked the power light and it was on, but I could not get the radio to make any noise at all. It was close to panic time I was thinking.

I stood up, planning to move my muscles and get warm, however as soon as I started I noticed the ground starting to disappear in the fog and I was concerned about being able to sit safely again. I stayed sitting where I was, rubbing my legs and arms to stay warm. I knew James would look for me and I was planning to head back to the road as soon as the fog started to lift. I checked my watch and it showed about 20 minutes since I had sat down.


I turned around to see where the faint sound came from, it seemed to be behind me but I could not see. I waited to hear more but nothing came for what seemed like hours.


I jerked at that time, it seemed close but I could not tell. I checked my pistol, feeling the butt of the gun for comfort. I flexed my leg muscles to keep my legs warm and ready in case I had to get up fast or move around. I quietly asked if anyone was there, but there was no answer, only that damn silence that continued to engulf me.

The fog seemed to change colors, going from a soft white to a light pinkish color, It had spots of darkness in it but I could not tell if it was one or five foot away from me. I was losing depth perception. The cold was now going right through me, my coat had stopped providing any comfort; I thought about a fire but there was no way to see to hunt for wood. The candle I had in my backpack would not be of much use and I did not want to waste it. I checked my watch again to see it still said about 20 minutes had passed. What was going on? I tried hard to keep the panic down. It appeared my watch had now stopped along with the radio. I was really beginning to be worried now.

What was going on?

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Beauty Bark

All showed up and helped us spread beauty bark and spruce up the yard. Thank you, great to have family. love grandpa